Hot Selling Rainbow Volume Anti-Static Massage Comb Brush Styling Tools With Mirror

Massage your head and free from stress with this Rainbow Volume Anti-Static Massage Comb Brush Styling Tools With Mirror.

About the Product:

  • 100% Brand New & High quality.

  • Volume and Sleek hair style with the S-Curl Wave Design.

  • With a back mirror for your convenience.

  • Eases the irritation on the scalp with the ball tips, makes appropriate amount of stimulation to your scalp with soft combingmbing.

  • Prevents any tangling with the specially designed S-curled brush while combing your hair, helps to maintain your hairstyle.

Product Description:


Rainbow magic brush, simply say, this anti-hair loss comb straight comb while it can be more direct, more volume volume comb, anti-knotted, anti-static, shiny black hair combed back used with care fat hormone same! Let your big waves roll fluffy, elegant, awesomeness!


NOTE:  You will receive your order in the next 15 - 20 business days.

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