Lightweight Luggage Travel Packing Organizers Five Piece Set


Keep the contents of your luggage organized and protected with these fantastic bags

  • Five piece packing or storage boxes of different heights, depths, and widths
  • Useful whenever you need to clean or organize
  • Mesh tops help you see into each box without having to unzip the lids
  • Double zippers provided for added convenience
  • Perfect for travel. Just lift organizer out of suitcase, place in hotel drawer, and voila, you have unpacked

Material: Polyester Fiber 


  • Size: 14.57"x11.81"x 5.51"
  • Size: 14.57"x 10.63"x 2.76"
  • Size: 12.2" x 10.63"x 2.76"
  • Size: 11.42"x 7.48"x 4.33"
  • Size: 10.24"x 7.87"x2.76"

Package Included: 

5 x Storage Boxes


NOTE:  You will receive your order in the next 15 - 20 business days.

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