Lip Gloss Diamond Sand Gold Professional Liquid Lipsticks 16 Colors

It made of natural Ingredient .After using, Lips will be lustre and bright ,give you unbelievable effect.Colorful,bright and starlight staggered pulse in different perspectives on the lips and it will make you more charm and elegant.

Rich in natural vitamin E,protect your lips effectively,form a moisturizing protective film in the lips,to prevent moisture loss,at the same time it can reduce the lips of fine lines and dry desquamate phenomenon,make double lip soft embellish smooth,the water feels dye-in-the-wood,beautiful lips continued throughout the day. 


Fill the labial ministry microgroove,make the lips smooth stereo,appear the girl's charming and tender lips again.Deep nourish,slow down aging labial ministry,especially the lips dry lack water,peeling phenomenon

About The Colors: 

  • #2,#5,#9 are naked colors,no flash,no shimmer
  • #1,#3,#8,#11 are diamond shimmer colors,shiny, shimmer
  • #4,#6,#7 are color series,with shimmer
  • #10 is moist,no shimmer
  • #12,#13,#14,#15,#16 are quicksand golden series,with shiny and shimmer

How To Use:

Apply the right amount of lip balm, apply to lips. 


  1. In order to show more flickering glow,don't chuckled after using lip gloss and it can show more lip makeup water embellish burnish.
  2. If you want to do more vibrant colors,with the same color lipstick or persistent skin after use, the effect is much better. 

Package Details: 

1 x BOB Liquid Lip Gloss


NOTE:  You will receive your order in the next 3 - 4 weeks.

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