WOW, Long Lastig Waterproof Lipstick [FREE Shipping]

Romantic Bear Women Girls New Brand Lip Gloss matte waterproof TATTOO Megic Color Peel Mask Tint Pack Long Lasting Makeup lips

With applying it just once time a day you have a very sexy lips for all day, forget about having to be tweaking with the traditional lipstick.

How to use?

  1. Apply Touchfit along with lip line and fill in color for plumping lips.
  2. Let the touchfit on your lips dry for about 5 to 10 minutes,avoiding touching lips or making lips rubbed together
  3. When the product gets dry,take it off slowly from the lip ends inward. 
  4. After the color of Touchfit sits well on lips, finish touch with lip gloss or lip balm for moister lips. 


  1. Colors: Rose pink, Lovely peach, Sweet orange, Watermelon,  Cherry Re, Sexy red. 
  2. Copy to Berrisom Lip Tint Pack and monomola lip tattoo 
  3. Easy to peel off and good price. 
  4. Good effect and waterproof 
  5. Color could be mixed

NOTE:  You will receive your order in the next 15 - 20 days.

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